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size guide and care

ensure a safe and proper fit

  1. If your Fluff is in-between our pre-set sizes, choose the larger of the two sizes from the drop-down menu in the product page and leave a note during cart out with your Fluff's measurements. This would also benefit you if you could provide us their measurements in order for us to have an idea and recommend the size and width that suits more

  2. Yes! You can purchase any fabric design in any type of accessory. However, there're bound to be some designs not being listed yet. We're constantly trying our best to list them as much as we could for all designs in every product accessory. If you would like to purchase any designs you're interested that is not listed, that's just simple!

    - Simply select the type of accessory you want (in any random design)
    Leave a comment of the fabric design name during cart out and we'll take care of it!


  3. "The smaller the width of the product, the lesser designs will be presented" The product images shown may not be the exact representation of end product. As each piece is handmade to order, no two cuts of fabric are ever the same including pattern design placement. This makes every single one of them unique and one of a kind. This means size, colour and shape may also vary slightly.​ 


Many smaller dogs cannot wear widths over 2.5cm. If you are at all unsure about width, we recommend visualizing what your Fluff will look like by cutting paper strips to your desired width and taping them around your dog's neck. If your Fluff looks or seems uncomfortable, you should opt for a smaller width. 

Refer to FAQ or do not hesitate to contact us if you require further assistance. 

Thank you for your patience in us! We're more than happy to assist you!

A Word About Width

classic collar size chart

dog colar size (2).png
  • All collars comes in 4 widths: 1.5cm, 2.0cm, 2.5cm & 3.0cm with their default measurements provided

  • For upgrade of width, Eg. Size M (2.5cm) in 3.0cm width", kindly select "Size L Collar (3.0cm)" and state Size M measurements under the comment section or during cart out. Providing us your Fluff's neck measurements would be the most ideal way.

  • No additional charges for custom size +/- 1" to 2" inch

  • Please measure accurately with 1-2 finger spacing to ensure a safe and proper fit.

martingale safety & uses

please read carefully for first time users

Point A: Head Size

The widest position of your Fluff's head

dog neck (1).png

Point B: Neck Size

Position where your Fluff's normally wears their collar

If you're new to martingales, it is very critical that you know how to use a Martingale collar. Here are a few pointers that you'll want to know before purchasing to ensure your Fluff have a safe, comfortable experience with their Martingale collar.

dog collar inst.png
dog collar inst.png
  • Adjust to loosen

  • Slip the largest loop over the head

  • A martingale collar does NOT come with a buckle; therefore, the collar must be large enough at its maximum adjustable size to slide over the widest part of your Fluff's head (Refer above image at "Point A"). 

  • If your Fluff measures 14" inches at " Point B" choose Size M

  • Adjust to tighten

  • There should always be about 2-3 fingers width apart the 2 metal rectangle "slides" when tightens

  • The 2 metal rectangle "slides" that forms the control loop should not touch, if it touches, they might be able to slip out of the collar

  • To set the adjustment, pull the collar up to the top of the neck as it is the smallest part of the neck, making sure your Fluff is not being able to slip out of the collar

  • And you're ready to go!

  • The action of a Martingale collar fits comfortably loose on their neck, tightens when he pulls and loosens when he stops, so it’s only tight when it needs to be. It is not meant to provide constant tightening action. Giving you a greater control and reduce the risk of your Fluff slipping out and escaping. 

  • Because of the martingale's tightening function, martingales can become a choking hazard if left on unattended Fluffs.

  • Do not use with retractable leashes 

  • Attach your ID tags to the rectangle rings on the side, not the D-ring in the center

harness size chart

dog harness (1).png
dog chest.png

Chest Girth

  • Wiggle, Struggle, Escape proof step-in harness

  • Easy to fasten and convenient to use with safe and quick release metal buckle  

  • Adjustable on both front and back of chest girth. However, the chest strap is not adjustable.

  • Dual back D-rings for a reliable level of durability and a very secure attachment point for the lead

  • Provides more hooman control over energetic Fluff and does not stress the trachea or neck

  • Go-Tagless and personalise with name engraving on buckle surface 

  • This harness can be purchase with a lead as a set. It also comes with matching collar to complete the look. Collar is sold separately. Mix and match to your desired bundle!

How to wear:

  • Unbuckle the harness and lay it flat on the ground

  • Place your Fluff's leg in each loop, ensuring the buckle is the correct way around

  • Pull the straps together and secure the buckle on their back by the shoulder blade

  • Adjust the straps so the harness is not too tight with two fingers to slide in - an incorrect size or poor fit can cause chafing, restricted movement and may even allow your dog to escape

matching lead size chart

(For X-Small and S Size)

(For M and L Size)

  • Heavy duty and premium quality swivel snap hook made out of solid brass gold-plated in zinc alloy, designed exclusively by Fluff You

  • Comes in 2 choices of width for a comfortable grip

  • Additional D-ring at handle for hanging your poo-bag, treat-bag or key holder

  • No additional charges if you prefer to purchase 2.5cm leads with a X-Small collar (Individual preferences) - Remember to leave a comment when cart out!

  • Prefer a longer/shorter length? No worries! Contact us if you would like to for a customisation - additional charges might applies depending on length of extension

dog martingle sizes (2).png







  • Attachable to any collar using the Velcro strip at the back

  • Trim off any excess if needed

  • Wrap around the collar tightly without any gap to avoid it falling of

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