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This listing is for upgrading to a Traffic Lead by adding a handle only.


"Traffic Handle" is a second handle on the lead, close to where it attaches to your dog’s collar/harness. Mostly used on situations where you need your dog close to you at all times. This allows you to have rapid control of your dog when needed. It’s also very handy for urban walking in crowded pathways/roads and for dogs that may be reactive or are overly friendly. Keeping your dog under control and affects the safety of you, your dog and other animals or people nearby. 


  • Images shown are for product example only - your order will be made in your chosen fabric design.
  • Standard lead length remains at 120cm. Handle for big dogs is right above the snap hook as per image shown. Handle for small dogs is approximately 50cm away from snap hook due to their shorter height. 
  • You can gage which handle to suit you by your dog's height with your knee, just imagine, you don't want to hold the handle by slightly bending your body down. 
  • Width of Leads (2.0cm or 2.5cm) must be the same as the lead added to your existing cart.
  • This upgrade is for one lead only. Please add as many upgrades to your cart as you need, to match the number of leads you would like to upgrade in your purchase.
  • If you purchase multiple leads and only want one lead with Traffic Handle, please specify which lead you would like the upgrade for by commenting in the section below. 
  • Ordering this upgrade is considered a custom item and is not valid for returns or exchanges.


Product Features:

  • Handmade in Singapore
  • Heavy duty and premium quality swivel snap hook made out of solid Gold-plated Zinc Alloy, designed exclusively by #teamfluffyou
  • The swivel hook locks for an effortless and safe walking experience
  • 100% durable polyester webbing with fixing points sewn 5 times for absolute strength and durability
  • Bold metallic finishes, resisting rust and corrosion
  • 5 layers of surface electroplating and 2 layers of clear oil are baked on top for a truly mesmerizing shiny luxe finish and rust-free
  • Comes in 2 choices of width for a comfortable grip
  • Additional D-ring at handle for hanging your poo-bag, treat-bag or key holder

Traffic Handle Upgrade

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