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*Images shown are for product example only - your order will be made in your chosen fabric design by commenting in the fill given*


One lead with eight functions or you may even discover more! Why use a standard one-function lead when you can have MULTI-function lead?! Our most versatile, all in one 7.5ft multi-functional dog lead have so many features you will wonder how you ever use anything else. It is specially designed for your pup by us to serve no matter the size or breed your pup is! The multiple features of each of these specialty allows you to have the pawfect dog leads in every situation. So here you go..


*Classic Collars, Martingales & Harnesses are sold separately - Mix and match to your desire bundle.

How to order:

  1. Provide the name of your fabric design (Refer to Classic Collection for all designs, avoid selling fast designs as they have limited fabric to make)
  2. Choose your lead width in 2.0cm or 2.5cm
  3. Rose Gold is available for 2.0cm width only


Product Specifications:

  1. Short Lead, 120 cm - Hook to the furthest D-ring at the other end; can also be converted to handsfree lead for large breed dogs to keep them close to you.
  2. Medium Lead, 165cm - Hook to the centre D-ring, for normal walking and use for Handsfree/Shoulder Lead.
  3. Long Lead, 190cm - Hook to the nearest D-ring; for distance walking.
  4. Duo-Lead, 110cm - Simply slide the lead through the traffic handle loop in the middle to create a double dog walking lead. With its self-adjust handle, length will vary dependent on your dogs' movement and position to you.
  5. Duo-Control - Hook to collar and harness for 2 point added control. Works great for use with collars and harnesses!
  6. Traffic Lead - Sewn-in Traffic Handle for both small and large breed dogs, allowing you to have ultimate control at any situation.
  7. Handsfree/Shoulder Lead - Hook to the centre D-ring; worn across your body by placing the lead over your shoulder. With it's bonus feature, the Traffic Handle, to keep your pup close to you at crowded areas.
  8. Quick Tether/Temporary Tie - Fasten your pup securely for awhile if you have to pop into the store or pick up that poo.


Product Description:

  • Handmade in Singapore
  • Total Length approximate 7.5ft (90inches/230cm)
  • Comes in 2 widths, choice of 2.0cm - Best for smaller and medium-sized breeds. Small yet with strong and heavy duty hardware, its narrow width serves great for hoomans with petite hands and choice of 2.5cm width - Best for medium to large-sized breeds. Great for hoomans who like big, sturdy leads. 
  • Sewn-in Traffic Handle for all breed dogs.
  • Heavy duty and premium quality swivel snap hook made out of solid Gold-plated Zinc Alloy, designed exclusively by #teamfluffyou
  • 360 degrees rotating swivel hook locks for an effortless and safe walking experience without hurting fingers or nails
  • 100% durable polyester webbing with fixing points sewn 5 times for absolute strength and durability
  • Bold metallic finishes, resisting rust and corrosion
  • 5 layers of surface electroplating and 2 layers of clear oil are baked on top for a truly mesmerizing shiny luxe finish and rust-free

8 in 1 Multi-Functional Lead

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