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This listing is for extension of leads length only.


Need a longer length for your lead? No worries! Simply add this listing to your cart and that is it! 


  • Our standard length is 120cm, we can extend to your required length charging at every 30cm. Please provide your exact required length by commenting in the section below.
  • This upgrade is for one lead only. Please add as many upgrades to your cart as you need, to match the number of leads you would like to extend in your purchase.
  • If you purchase multiple leads and only want one lead with the extension please specify which lead you would like the upgrade for by commenting in the section below. 
  • Ordering this upgrade is considered a custom item and is not valid for returns or exchanges.


Product Features:

  • Handmade in Singapore
  • Heavy duty and premium quality swivel snap hook made out of solid Gold-plated Zinc Alloy, designed exclusively by #teamfluffyou
  • The swivel hook locks for an effortless and safe walking experience
  • 100% durable polyester webbing with fixing points sewn 5 times for absolute strength and durability
  • Bold metallic finishes, resisting rust and corrosion
  • 5 layers of surface electroplating and 2 layers of clear oil are baked on top for a truly mesmerizing shiny luxe finish and rust-free
  • Comes in 2 choices of width for a comfortable grip
  • Additional D-ring at handle for hanging your poo-bag, treat-bag or key holder

Leads Extension (Length Only)

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