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about us

Launch in 2018,  we are a stunning brand of exquisite handmade pet accessories, proudly stitched with a keen eye for style and detail, locally in Singapore. We invent our own original designs using a variety of unique designer fabrics sourced from all over the world, specially handcrafted for your Fluff!

We are passionate about finding the latest trends from all designer fabric styles and aims to frequently develop new handcrafted products and styles to our Collections. Each product accessory are 100% delicately handmade from scratch, offering with a range of adjustable sizes to accommodate a variety of breeds for Fluffs of all shapes and sizes. We carry a wide array of styles, because we understands that our Fluffs are not one dimensional. We aim to fulfill all your needs while still being comfortable and looking stylish. Whatever the occasion, we got you covered! 

Prepare for a solid dose of style from minimalist, high fashionable and to the most adorable pieces personally hand-picked by our team to keep you craving for more. Most of the pieces in our collection are one of a kind and part of a limited supply collection (that means, once we're out - we're out!) So grab them while stocks last! Fluff it up and purchase a complete set or mix and match to create a fun new stylish look of your own! It's time to walk with style in your own unique-ness.

We look forward to building the dream wardrobe of your Fluff!


Follow us at @Fluffyouofficial on Instagram and Facebook for latest drops and promotions!


Have a Fluff! 

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